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2013 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems & Technology
Revolutionary Developments in Phased Array
Welcome to the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems & Technology!
Phased Array 2013, the 5th  International Symposium on Phased  Array Systems and Technology, will be  held at the Westin Hotel in Waltham  Massachusetts on Boston's famous  Route 128 Technology Highway. The  symposium will include keynote and  plenary sessions, parallel technical  sessions, poster sessions, tutorials, and  a student paper contest. Social events  will include a welcome reception cocktail  hour with dinner and an awards banquet. 
Advances in GaN Technology and Design for Active Dr. Thomas Winslow, Hittite Microwave Smart Antennas Dr. Frank Gross, Boeing Technical Fellow, Georgia Southern University T/R Module Design & Calibration  Dr. William H. Weedon, Applied Radar, Inc., Dr. Leonard Johnson, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Dr. Douglas J. Carlson, M/A-COM Technology Solutions Phased Array Antenna Measurements Dr. Alan J. Fenn, MIT Lincoln Laboratory,  Mr. Dayel Garneski, Raytheon,   Dr. Charles J. Kryzak,  Lockheed Martin Advances in SiGe BiCMOS Technology with Chip Scale Phased Array Applications Dr. Gabriel Rebeiz, UCSD Thermal Management of Active Electronically Scanned Arrays Dr. Avram Bar-Cohen, DARPA Microwave Array Beamforming: Analog, Digital, and Photonic Dr. Hans Steyskal, Arcon, Dr. Paul Juodawlkis and Dr. Jeffrey Herd, MIT Lincoln Laboratory Phased-Arrays: Basics, Past Accomplishments, Amazing Breakthroughs and Future Trends Dr. Eli Brookner, Raytheon 
Plenary Session Speakers
Dr. Gabriel Rebeiz, University of California, San Diego Bruce Wallace, A W-Band Silicon Based Phased Array for Helicopter Operations, DARPA Dr. A. Farina, P. Holbourn, T. Tony Kinghorn, L. Timmoneri, AESAs,  Selex Dr. Philippe Eudeline, AESAs, Thales, France Colin J. Bell, AESAs, BAE, UK Prof. Carlo Kopp, China/Russia AESAs, Monash University, Australia Dr. L. Baggen et al, AESAs, IMST GmbH, Germany Dr. Eli Brookner, Latest Developments, Raytheon
Full house at Phased Array 2010
15 - 18 October 2013 Waltham, Massachusetts USA
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Keynote Speaker
Dr. William Chappell, DARPA Putting the Radio Into Software Defined Radio ~ and the Meaning for Arrays Abstract: While the digital influence  increases in modern RF systems,  there remain fixed design choices  which reside within a system for  many years. These fixed choices,  often in the RF transceiver hardware  of the system, increasingly become  the limiting feature in the adaptability  of a system.  More >> 
Welcome Reception Speaker
Dr. Ellen Ferraro, Raytheon Company Dr. Ellen Ferraro is the Director of Systems Architecture, Design and Integration Directorate (SADID) within  Integrated Defense Systems (IDS) Engineering organization.  She was appointed to this role in October,  2010. The SADID organization has more than 1200 people across the US who are responsible for all  aspects of systems engineering including requirements definition, modeling and simulation efforts, system  effectiveness and operational analysis and algorithm development.  More >>
Banquet Speaker
Dr. Max Tegmark Phased Arrays and Cosmic Mysteries Known as “Mad Max” for his  unorthodox ideas and passion for  adventure, Max Tegmark’s scientific  interests range from precision  cosmology to the ultimate nature of  reality, all explored in his new popular book “Our  Mathematical Universe”. He is author or coauthor of more  than two hundred technical papers, twelve of which have  been cited more than five hundred times.  He has  featured in dozens of science documentaries, and his  work with the SDSS collaboration on galaxy clustering  shared the first prize in Science magazine’s  “Breakthrough of the Year: 2003.” He holds a Ph.D. from  the University of California, Berkeley, and is a physics  professor at MIT.