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Why Handmade Goods Are Better


There was a time when instant goods were better because they were more economical. But as time progresses, the demand for handmade goods has risen. This is happening because of the digital age, where technology has made it easier for most of the things people want are acquired quickly.

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About Us

We are a business specializing in handcrafts and all items made to order. We make sure that every item that comes into our order list is made from scratch. Although we have machines that will assist us in completing one handcrafted item, these are machines that were used in the past.


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There is something special about handmade items. There was a time when handcrafted goods were highly appreciated. That was way back in the past before the modern industrialized age came in. The more intricate and elaborate the handcrafted items were, the more expensive they are. You’ve seen them in museums and even in old palaces – they have been preserved through all these time because they know how valuable they are.
Then came a time when people saw handmade goods too expensive for the masses. But then the masses want something similar to the handcrafted ones. Which is why there is the creation of mass production machines, wherein it replicates items that are high in demand among the masses? It worked for quite some time for many decades. But then as technology became more advanced and things became more common, the demand for handmade items came into power again. There is something classic and special about handmade items that you can never get from mass-produced goods.

What makes handmade so special?

Before condemning the mass produced copies, they will remain on the scene for people who appreciate them. However, for the group of people that love handmade stuff, here is advice for you: it is wrong to compare handmade goodies with large corporations. These two are not the same, and they can’t be compared. Handmade items do not sell the same way that large corporations do. They are not bought or even received in the same way, either. Many people compare them because of the way the results are similar. However, the processes involved between the two are just not worth comparing with. It is up to the buyer to choose whichever pleases him.

They are more sustainable

Just think about mass produced items – they are produced in bulk, bought in bulk and because of the massive amounts, large corporations are forced to lower the prices. And this means mainly in the production of the raw materials. This is the reason why most handmade items are more sustainable, not to mention very durable. The lowering of production cost ensures that large-scale companies can create more profit while they sell.
When you dig deeper about what this truly means is that most people all over the world are going to be forced into jobs that have little pay. This results with the knock-on effect for the countries that serve such purposes. They will have a difficult time to develop. It will be difficult for them to sustain in their environments. It will also affect its adverse condition, like drought, as it has more impact upon these people compared to if they are wealthier.
The wealthier nations, like most developed countries, need to subsidize the poorer countries using loans, charitable giving, rescue aid and much more. And this money comes from the common consumers – you. Many would think that this is a fake economy since you would only be paying more for the hidden charges and you don’t know whether some of these large corporations are paying their employees well. This is one of the major reasons that many people go for handmade. They know where their money is going and what they are paying for.

Handmade will be forever

Every handmade work becomes unique to the person who owns it. It will never be the same with the other. It will never need for an upgrade once perfection is achieved. This is something that you will never see with mass-produced items. When a person knows that the product they have on their hands is handmade, they will feel special and will keep it forever.

We have over 2 years of experience in this area of handmade goods business